Sikkim has an interfusion of diverse communities, cultures, religions and customs. Sikkim is a fine specimen of harmony between people from different areas and regions. The people of Sikkim are known as Sikkimese. In Sikkim, the leading communities are the Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese. However, the municipal areas are dominated by the plainsmen, who have settled there, owing to their businesses and Government services. The developmental activities in Sikkim like construction of roads, bridges, buildings etc, have informally invited migrant laborers from the plains and Nepal. In the following lines, we will discuss the three cultural communities and their lifestyle in detail.

People & Culture

The religion and traditions of different communities of people living in Sikkim gives the state a unique blend of various cultures and a very warm atmosphere. The people here are simple, warm and very friendly. Take some time out and sit with older people here who will readily enrich you with amusing stories and Sikkim's glorious past.
CULTURE Culture of Sikkim - The people of Sikkim are very warm, friendly and sweet. They celebrate even the small festivals with equal love and devotion. Traditional music and dance forms an important of the local festival and celebration in Sikkim. People of various communities live together in Sikkim still maintaining a unique identity of there traditional religion. There are various other languages spoken in Sikkim like Hindi and English apart from traditional Sikkimese language. Know more about culture of Sikkim here.
Sikkim Routes
  • Tea Estates And Mystique Himalayas

    • Duration: 14 Days
    • Best Season: September to December & February to April
    • Grade: Gentle
    • Route: Kolkata - Darjeeling - Pemayantse - Kheochapari - Yuksom - Rumtek - Gangtok - Kalimpomg - Bagdogra
  • Kanchenjunga & Rhododendron Trek

    • Duration: 15 Days
    • Best Season: April-June & October-December
    • Grade: Moderate
    • Route: Delhi / Kolkata - Bagdogra - Darjeeling - Yoksum - Bakim - Zongri - Thangsing - Samiti Lake - Goecha La - Thangsing - Choka - Gangtok - Rumtek - Bagdogra - Delhi

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